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Institutional Members

APSEI - Associação Portuguesa De Segurança

APSEI - Associação Portuguesa de Segurança is a Portuguese association of institutions and individuals involved in Health and Safety at Work. The 450 APSEI members are service providers, trainers, health and safety technicians, PPE distributors, among others. The association is also active in other Safety’s topics like Fire Safety. APSEI has a strong partnership with the national Authority for Safety at Work (ACT), which is also a member of ENETOSH.
APSEI was founded in 2006 and is a partner of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Labor, Solidarity and Social Security and the Ministry of Economy. The association is also recognized as a training provider. At European level, APSEI is represented in CFPA-Europe (European Confederation of fire protection associations) and Euralarm (European association of the security systems industry).

Contact Information

APSEI - Associação Portuguesa de Segurança
Portuguese Association for Safety
Rua Cooperativa A Sacavenense, n° 25, C/F
2685-005, Sacavem
(+351) 219 527 849
Fax (+351) 219 527 850

Contact person: Orlando Martins


Autoridade Para As Condições Do Trabalho

Autoridade para as Condições do Trabalho (Authority for Working Conditions) is a service of the Portuguese state aimed at promoting the improvement of working conditions throughout the mainland. This is done by enforcement of labor policy development in the context of private labor relations and the promotion of safety and health at work all activity private sectors.
ACT, which has taken over the powers of the General Labour Inspectorate and the Institute for Safety and Health at Work, is based in Lisbon and has 32 decentralized services.
ACT is one of the actors of MIND SAFETY – SAFETY MATTERS! ERASMUS+ project. This project aims to establish an interface between teacher education, professional training and learning contexts in occupational safety and health. It will help to improve and innovate methods of teaching safety and health issues in the classroom, to motivate and prepare young people to work in safe conditions, and to be responsible citizens after leaving school.

Contact information

Autoridade para as Condições do Trabalho (Authority for Working Conditions) ACT
Divisão de Promoção e Avaliação de Programas e Estudos (Division of Promotion and Program Evaluation Studies)

Av. Casal Ribeiro, 18-A
1000-092 Lisboa
+351 213 308 700
Fax +351 213 308 710

Contact person:

Ms. Paula Sousa
Head of Division for the Promotion and Evaluation of Programmes and Studies
+ 351 213 308 759


Ordem Dos Engenheiros

The Ordem dos Engenheiros (Association of Engineers), developed its activities on two levels - national and regional -, under the statute of 1981. Nationwide, covering territories on the mainland and the autonomous regions of Azores and Madeira, and the regional levels: the North, based in Porto, Centre, based in Coimbra and Southern based in Lisbon. Since 1992 the Order started to be represented in five regions and 12 colleges.
The association gives priority to the progress of engineering in its various areas throughout the national territory.
The activities of the association covers holding of national conferences and other events such as symposia, seminars, etc., as well as a systematic disclosure of publications of scientific and technical papers produced by the community of Engineers. Seminars, courses and other training as well as the existence of an updated library are examples of activities with major impact on training of engineers.

Contact information:

Ordem dos Engenheiros
Av. António Augusto de Aguiar, n.º 3 D
1069-030 LISBOA

Teresa Antunes Fonseca

+351 213132600        
Fax +351 213524632      

Website: www.ordemengenheiros.pt

Individual Members

Prof. Alfredo Soeiro, University Of Porto

In March 2008, Professor Soeiro from the Department of Civil Engineering (Building Division) at the University of Porto, started an initiative to establish a Portugese network of individual members of the ENETOSH network.

The Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Porto is responsible for the Civil Engineering Degree and for the Masters of Science courses in Building Construction. The Building Division is responsible for the Building Specialization in the Civil Engineering Degree and provides knowledge and tutoring in the building construction area.


Prof. Alfredo Soeiro
University of Porto
4200-465 Porto
DEC-FEUP, R. Dr. Roberto Frias

E- Mail Prof. Soeiro
Website of the University of Porto

Luís Conceição Freitas, Universidade Lusofona Lisboa

Mr. Freitas coordinates a Safety and Hygiene Degree at Universidade Lusofona in Lisboa, as well as an association, APSET-Associação Portuguesa de Segurança e Higiene do Trabalho- Portuguese Association for Safety and Hygiene at Work, that gathers several practitioners with experience in different fields of safety and health issues.


Luís Conceição Freitas
Av Fontes Pereira de Melo, 32
1050-122 Lisboa
T: + 351 21 311 66 95

E- Mail

Manuel Maduro Roxo

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