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The Netherlands

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Foundation LDOH - Learning And Developing Of Occupational Health

The foundation LDOH - Learning and Developing of Occupational Health - is an initiative of occupational health experts, who have done occupational health projects all over the world, in countries like Turkey, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Chili, Peru, Colombia, Antiles.
LDOH has the mission to support professionals through developing and promoting good quality education and information on Occupational Safety and Health. The focus is on supporting Occupational Safety and Health experts, and on committed primary and community health care professionals and volunteers. So, LDOH wants to contribute in meeting the huge global need for good education, training and information. In this effort, the Foundation wants to join other initiatives in the overarching objective of Universal Health Coverage (WHO).

Delft University Of Technology

TU Delft
The Safety and Security Science Group is a research group at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. It was founded in 1984, and deals with safety issues at university level. The Group develops resources and instruments for the detection and measurement of risk factors in order to facilitate their prediction and control. Since 1989, Delft University of Technology has offered a postgraduate Master's course in Management of Safety, Health and Environment. The Master's course is offered both as internal training and as a postgraduate course.
It is the mission of the Group to contribute and excel with scientific methods and techniques in developing evidence-based theories and innovative practices, in order to quantify, predict, visualise and optimise risk and hazard levels of loss of human life and multi-variate damage, to acceptable levels.

National Network

Individual Members

Prof Paul Swuste

Paul Swuste
Technical University Delft


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