Validation study
Validation study to further develop the ENETOSH Standard

In three consecutive studies competence fields 2 to 4 of the ENETOSH Standard were developed further. The first competence field had already been developed based on an empirical study, and is continuously updated (Kici, 2010).

In total 74 people from 14 countries participated in the validation study. On average more than 80% of these were employed as an instructor or trainer and had worked in this sector for more than 5 years (97.3%).

As a methodological basis for these studies, the Task Analysis Tools (TAToo, Koch, 2010) for requirements analyses were used in each case. The first stage was to carry out structured interviews and questionnaires to collect data. Participants had to describe work situations that they had experienced or observed themselves and that were successfully dealt with in each competence field by an instructor or trainer. Participants were asked to describe how the situations came about, what exactly happened, what the instructor or trainer did in the situation and what the outcome was. Furthermore, questions were asked regarding the necessary qualifications and knowledge required (expertise, methodical knowledge, IT skills).

From the workplace scenarios described by participants, the second stage was to extract instructors’ and trainers’ attitudes in crucial situations and group them based on similarity. Subsequently, participants were asked, in a third stage of the requirements analysis, to assess each attitude according to different criteria (importance, trainability and compensability). When asked
to what extent the work of an instructor or trainer was reflected in each competence field, the majority of respondents gave a value from the highest percentage range used for this assessment: 76-100%.

Kici, G. (2010). Trainer profile analysis. In: U. Bollmann & E. Windemuth (Eds.), Standards in safety and health education and training – European perspectives, promising developments and examples of good practice. IAG-report 4/2010, Berlin

Koch, A. (2010). The Task-Analysis-Tools (TAToo). Development, empirical and practical assessments of an instrument for job analysis. Thesis, TU Dresden

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