Landesamt für Arbeitsschutz, Verbraucherschutz und Gesundheit (LAVG)
The LAVG consists of one central division with its headquarters in Potsdam and three regional divisions of nearly the same size, based in Neuruppin, Cottbus and Eberswalde.
The central division and the regional divisions are divided into four departments each.

Core tasks of the regional divisions are - within their responsibility according to laws and regulations – to give permissions and licences, to supervise the compliance of safety regulations in enterprises and at workplaces outside companies, to take away dangerous products from the market and to advise employers, employees, producers and consumers about their obligations and rights.

The central division is responsible for an efficient management, coordination and quality assurance of the executive tasks and consultation in LAS. Therefore they also have to do the necessary preparations, e.g. to design guidelines and information material, to evaluate unsafe technical products, to inform and to sensitize experts as well as the public.
The task as the national liaison point of the OSH administrations of the German federal states with the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work in Bilbao is also integrated in the central division.

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