Stakeholder meeting in Brussels
Mainstreaming OSH into education
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Here you can find the results of the group work:

Topic 1: Implementing and promoting a whole-school approach –
priorities and challenges

Topic 2: Wish list for an EU-Policy Recommendation on OSH

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Topic 1: Implementing and promoting a whole-school approach – priorities and challenges

Priorities include:
  • All levels must be involved in the educational establishment – managers, all staff groups, students
  • Remember and treat educational establishments as a workplace for teachers, administrators and students
  • Good, transparent legislation and guidance needed to underpin the whole-school approach/OSH management in schools
  • Promote the attitude “we must take care of each other” within the creation of safe and healthy schools
  • Rethink teaching and behaviour in education so as to set a good example
  • Make OSH topics relevant at a daily level – for both staff and students
  • Get people to all together – important to set the support of decision-makers. Therefore need to talk to the relevant authorities
  • Also promote collaboration between education and companies on OSH
  • Identify practical opportunities – in the curricula, look for synergies.

Challenges include:
  • Clarifing exactly what we want to integrate and be practical and realistic
  • Teachers need their OSH consciousness raising – there is a lack of OSH knowledge within education, - both regarding those responsible for management and employees
  • How to get the relevant parties on board and acting together
  • Promoting shared and cooperative responsibility– for example, there are those who say “OSH” is not my responsibility but also those who say “this is my area – keep out!”.

Topic 2: Wish list for an EU policy statement on mainstreaming OSH into education

If the European Commission were to consider proposing a resolution or recommendation in the area of mainstreaming OSH into education, would this be useful and what should be taken into account?
  • Any proposal must be based on an analysis of the facts so that it is practical, realistic and workable
  • Develop it in close consultation with stakeholders and seeking cooperation
    • Social partner organisations should be key within this process
  • Define clearly what is meant by mainstreaming OSH into education and ensure that there is a common understanding. Consensus is needed concerning: topics to be covered; target groups.
  • Any proposal should promote OSH in education as a cross-curricular subject. It should:
    • Promote awareness raising of children and young people
    • Cover teacher competence
    • Cover all education levels, from nurseries to universities
    • Promote a whole-school approach combining risk education with OSH management in schools and universities
    • Promote synergies with other areas, and avoidance of duplication or additional demands – for example, synergy with health promoting schools’ and universities’ initiatives
    • Cover monitoring and evaluation
  • Put this in the context of a whole-school / whole-university approach
  • Put it within the context of delivering quality education
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