Taskforce 2
Mainstreaming OSH into Higher education
Main members of the Taskforce:
Dr Nuria Mancebo, University of Girona
Alan Cowen, University of Brighton

This TF aims firstly at a clarification of the topic ‘Mainstreaming OSH into Higher education’; secondly at the establishment of a ‘Community of practice’ in this field that covers teaching and research as well and thirdly a small ‘Champion research study’ to clarify among others the following questions: What are undergraduate and graduate students taught about OSH in Higher education? How is the preparation for the world of work integrated into the studies and lectures in Higher education? How to improve the understanding of OSH in Higher education? How to improve the knowledge about OSH in Higher education? How to involve students into the world of OSH? How to find a common language for teaching OSH in Higher education in different regions of the world? How to consider a college or university as an organization, developing its processes and structures according to OSH criteria in the sense of a ‘Good healthy university’.

Please find the following document on the work of the Tasforce here (in PDF format):