Taskforce 1
Dissemination and implementation of the ‘Good Healthy School’ internationally
Main members of the Taskforce:
Gabriele Pappai / Dr Heinz Hundeloh / Tobias Büschken, Statutory Accident Insurance Institution for the public sector in North-Rhine Westphalia (UK NRW), Germany
Prof Dr Peter Paulus, Centre for Applied Health Sciences at Leuphana University Lüneburg

This TF is based on the ‘Good healthy school’ model developed in Germany and Switzerland. The core issue here is to improve the overall quality of education by a systematic integration of safety and health into the organizational development of an educational establishment (pre-school, school, college, university). The ‘Good healthy school’ model is reflected internationally in the Whole School Approach. Other models following this approach may enrich and improve the ‘Good healthy school’.
The primary aim of this TF is to promote and disseminate the ‘Good healthy school’ model globally and to accompany the implementation of the model by research. This implementation research shall proof the ‘practical evidence’ of the model. The issue of mental health in educational establishment is an integral part of the ‘Good healthy school’ model.

Please find the following documents on the work of the Tasforce here (in PDF format):