The German concept of "Good Healthy School"
Unlike many other countries in Germany children in day care centers, pupils and students (about 17.4 million) are covered by the statutory accident insurance, which has the mandate to prevent accidents and work/school related diseases.

Without healthy students and teachers within a healthy environment education cannot be successful. Therefore it is necessary that all aspects relevant for health and safety in the entire school are taken into account.

The main actors in this field are headmasters and the teaching staff. As those responsible for the pupils they have to learn to recognize risks and to promote resources. Therefore new concepts for teacher training and the training of school principals are to be elaborated and tested.

Following topics are relevant for the accident insurance institutions:
- Health promotion (including safety promotion)
- Occupational safety and accident prevention
- Crisis and Emergency Management
- Integration of health and safety in education and training
(issues of safety and health in curricula and lessons)

In order to develop “good health schools" the cooperation between the ministries of education and the accident insurance institutions is very important. All measures in health and safety taken up to now are still useful in this new context.

The German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV) is member of the ISSA Section on Education and Training for Prevention. At the 2008 Members' Meeting, the accident insurance institutions adopted a position paper on prevention. With it, they committed themselves to promote the raising of awareness among children, teenagers and young adults for safety and health. In order to achieve this they promote the model of “good and healthy school”, and continuously develop it. For more information see here:

Jutta Busch, DGUV, Munich, Germany

Please click here for the abstract “Using Good Health to Develop Good Schools” - A Concept from the Social (Student) Accident Insurance Institutions in Germany by Heinz Hundeloh

The brochure: Strategic concept: "Using health to develop good schools" by the German Accident Insurance DGUV can be accessed here.

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  a component in health promotion in schools" here in


New brochures (in German):
Impulse für die Förderung der Gesundheit von Lehrerinnen und Lehrern (DGUV 04/2018)
Fachkonzept "Frühe Bildung mit Sicherheit und Gesundheit fördern" (DGUV 10/2018)

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