FOLIC project - final workshop in Brussels
The workshop was attended by Rafaela Gomez Lucena, DG Employment; Evelyn Kortum, WHO headquarter, Geneva; Rokho Kim, WHO collaboration centre, Bonn; Shengli Niu, ILO, Bjorn Erickson, International Trade Union Confederation, Brussels; Willy Imbrechts, Belgian Focal Point representing the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work; Ana Stavljenic-Rukavina, World Akademy of Art and Schience, Croatia; Gregor Breucker, ENWHP; Gerlinde Ziniel, European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions, Dublin; Ilka Wölfle, German Social Accident Insurance, Brussels; Stavroula Leka representing the International Commission on Occupational Health; Ulrike Bollmann, ENETOSH; Lorenzo Visentin, Walsall Council, Malta.

To date more or less 10 % of the good practice examples stored in the Tool box of ENETOSH are referring to elder employees. Taking into account, that not solely the number of examples is relevant, but rather the principles that are offered to improve the quality of education and training and especially to facilitate the implementation of good practice examples in different countries, there could be mentioned a few principles that are common characteristics of the examples in ENETOSH dealing with the training of elder employees:
  1. Age-awareness for managers
    Managers should develop strategies to healthily treat themselves and to lead their employees healthily as well.
  2. Information about ageing.
  3. Instruments to reach the organisational structures by implementing working groups, establishing services e.g. for consultation, in general developing a resource orientated culture (HRD).
  4. Age-sensitive training approaches e.g. by using a tutor-ship-model, asking elder employees to act as coaches, by forming age-mixed teams, by developing personal career- and action plans.

At least ENETOSH could be a good instrument for distributing the results of the FOLIC project to a larger audience across different educational and training settings in Europe.

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