European Week 2006 "Safe Start!"
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Why young people and OSH is an issue for Europe
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According to European statistics, the incidence rate of non-fatal accidents at work is at least about 50% higher among those aged 18-24 years than in any other age category.

There are 75 million young people in the 25 Member States of the European Union. They need preparing for the health and safety aspects of their work before they start work (risk awareness education at school as well as vocational training), and at work they need safe and healthy jobs, training and supervision. Extra attention needs to be paid to them because they lack experience and they are physically and mentally less mature than older workers. The designers, managers and workers of tomorrow need a good grounding in the health and safety aspects of their future careers.

The need for concern is reflected in EU statistics. Eurostat report that working experience increases with age and risk behaviour in general is influenced by age, and that this is reflected in the rate of accidents at work. According to their figures for non-fatal accidents at work, the incidence rate is at least about 50% higher among those aged 18-24 years than in any other age category. In addition, the incidence rate for non-fatal accidents has also increased among the youngest workers.

European Week 2006 campaign
Safe Start – a campaign dedicated to young people and their safety and health at work.

The overall aim of European Week 2006 is to make sure that young people have a safe and healthy start to their working lives, and that risk awareness and risk prevention are promoted in enterprises, schools and colleges. The campaign has two distinct elements:
1. The workplace and the prevention of risks to young workers
2. Schools, education and training

· To raise awareness of the risks young workers are exposed to
· To promote effective preventive measures
· To encourage stakeholders at all levels to actively participate
· To cooperate with the objectives of the Lisbon strategy on Young Workers

Core target audiences
· Young workers and their employers
· Vocational and professional (university) students and their tutors.
· School pupils and their teachers
· Work placement/recruitment industry

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