OSH Networks at work – Network meets network
First joint network meeting of the European Agency – highlight at this year’s A+A
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Bild vergrössern Dr. Ulrike Bollmann
After a brief presentation of each network, workshops were carried out dealing with the core issues of the different networks. During these workshops the members of the networks merged, and the core issues were discussed and experiences exchanged at the international floor as well.

The ENETOSH workshop dealing with the topic of educational standards in OSH was joined by
  • Giuliana Roseo and Ghita Bracaletti, ISPESL/Italy;
  • Markku Kämäräinen, FIOH/Finland;
  • Hella Skoruppa, Labour Inspectorate
  • Andrew H S Tan, Singapore Institution
    of Safety Officers;
  • Ioannis Konstantakopoulos, Ministry
    of Employment and | Bild:
    Bild vergrössern The ENETOSH workshop
    Social Affairs,
  • Silvia Giordano, Superintendency for Risks at Work/Argentina;
  • Rolf Gehring, EFBWW
and temporarily
  • Mary Muchengeti, ARLAC/Zimbabwe;
  • Neville Rockhouse, University of Newcastle/New Zealand;
  • Dave Avena, State Labour Inspectorate Latvia;
  • Detlef Boels, komnet Hamburg/Germany;
  • Lieven Carron, PreBes/The Netherlands.
At the end of the workshop Silvia Giordano noticed relieved: “The Europeans have the same problems in the field of education and training of safety and health like the people in Argentina.”

Please click here for the Introduction to the networks
(a list and short description of the networks, PDF file)

Please click here for the Programme of the Joint network meeting
at A+A (PDF file)