Hot Topic #4
Road Safety
Here is our list of examples dealing with road safety (in random order):

Dead angle – forewarned is forearmed (Germany)
Brochure (PDF)
A project by the Bavarian Accident Insurance. The effect of the dead angle is demonstrated by taking the position of the driver looking into the mirrors of the car.

EVA - Taking road safety serious
(Ernstnehmende Verkehrssicherheitsarbeit)
Web site
A project by the Bavarian Municipal Federation for Accident, the Insurance and Prevention (Bayerischer GUVV) and other institutions - driving lessons with peers in a car under the observation of a driving instructor who is giving feedback to lead young drivers to responsible driving behaviour.

Hello Car (Germany)
E-mail address
A project of the ADAC Germany. Demonstrations of the braking performance of the car are supposed to inform the children that the summation of the thinking distance plus the breaking distance is equal to stopping distance. Braking trials are performed.

“Road Safety Unit” (UK)
Web site
The Road Safety Unit (by the Glasgow City Council) is an approach to teaching road safety. There are different units for the different age groups and the different target groups.

Pizza Delivery by Motorcycle (Greece)
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PHC Franchised Restaurants Public Limited, Greece, introduced a system to educate, train, assess and actively monitor the riders. This included the use of cameras, video recording, continuous monitoring of drivers, ongoing issue sensitivity training and checks of the drivers at various intervals.

School-accompanied-driving (Germany)
Web site
This web page offers information about risks and hazards in road traffic, like drugs, alcohol, accidents when coming from disco, accidents mopeds or motorbikes. It informs about wrong estimations of the risk that an accidents happens and how accidents can happen.

“School Travel Plan (STP)” (UK)
Web site
A school travel plan is a document produced by a school in conjunction with the Local Authority. It aims to encourage schools to identify and solve problems associates with the school journey (especially those relates to safety).

Napo in “Safe start” (Germany)
Web site
A training film produced by the German Social Accident Insurance - DGUV. The short episode for the theme “Safe Start” shows hazards and risks that young workers should be aware of and it shows how the young workers should behave in certain situations. Year of production: 2006, running time. 9 minutes. Especially the themes road safety and alertness are addressed.

Safety at Roadworks (Poland)
Web site
The program was partly initiated because of intensive roadworks on the roads in Malopolska, Poland. The program began in July 2006 with the seminar during which the results of 424 controls of 117 construction sites were presented. Controls were conducted by PIP (The National Labour Inspectorate) in years 2003-04 and 2006 and aimed at estimation of safety and hygiene at roadworks and elimination of recognized hazards.

Klub Pancernika (Poland)
Web site
The Polish campaign “Klub Pancernika” is a part of European project EUCHIRES 2005 “European public awareness campaign on the use of seat belts and child restraint systems”. The campaign was launched in the Netherlands in 2004 and than extended to 9 other countries: Belgium, the Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, and Sweden.

'Mister Help' comes for the health and safety of children (Italy)
Web site
'Mister Help' is the title of a TV programme by Rai Educational and Ispesl (National Institute of Occupational Safety and Prevention), which was broadcasted on Rai 3 and via satellite. This programme was aimed at children and teenagers attending compulsory education (aged 6-15), to convey among young people a clear message on issues related to safety.
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Pellekaija Pum - a bird as a symbol for childrens´safety campaigns (Finland)
Web site
Pellekaija Pum is an exotic and rare bird. It is distantly related to a parrot. Pellekaija Pum is bumbling aroud in all kinds of dangerous situations and the children must give him advice so that he will not hurt himself. The advice is often in the form of songs dealing with fire safety, falling, poisoning, sharp tool hazards and traffic safety.
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