Hot Topic #3
Construction safety
Here is our list of examples dealing with construction safety:
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Construction Professionnel Card (TPC Project) (Spain)
The Spanish Fundación Laboral de la Construcción (Labour Foundation for the Construction Industry) has launched the project "Construction Professionnel Card" to improve standardization in OSH for the construction sector.
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Youth programme for the construction industry (Germany)
Since the 1980s, the BG BAU is supporting the interplant training centres in imparting of different issues of occupational safety and health by a complete training programme. Trainers and trainees know it by the slogan “Youth programme”.
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Safe Work in Construction 2005 (Poland)
This program was organised by The National Labour Inspectorate (PIP) in the years 2004 – 2005. The campaign included seminars, competitions, meetings, open days, and presentations. Open days organised all over the country – presentations of safe constructions, personal protective equipment, meetings, and seminars for representatives of trade unions and employers of construction sector, competitions for the young and programs in schools for construction sector.
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Occupational safety and health in the construction business (Austria)
For the first time, labour inspectors were given the opportunity to lecture four graduating classes of HTL Mödling, Austria's largest secondary engineering college, on occupational safety and health in the construction industry, coordination of construction works and labour inspection.
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Safe work at building sites (Austria)
Introduction to the Austrian legal basis in occupational safety and health. Detailed description (with graphs) of safe work processes with the most important work equipments at building sites.
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Safe working at the carpentry (Austria)
Introduction to the Austrian legal basis of work protection. Detailed description of safe work processes at wood working machines.
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Safety award (construction) 2006 (Austria)
Award to increase awareness of safety matters at building sites. Competition for bricklayer- and carpenter trainees.
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Building Site Orientation
According to the programme every worker has to participate in the site orientation training before being allowed access to the site. After training every participant has to wear their specific colour-coded tag during their work. Thanks to colour-coded system it is possible to denote and distinguish each contractor and group of trade persons.
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Construction Safety Partnership (UK)
The programme started in 2001 and was continued in following years. The Construction Safety Partnership consists of training programmes: Safety Training (for construction workers), Safety Representative Training (for safety officers and safety representatives), Safety Training for Managers.
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Dealing safely with asbestos (Greece)
Greek Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs
Materials containing asbestos are a risk factor for those who come into contact with them, especially employees carrying out dismantling and demolition work. The hazards attached to asbestos will have not disappeared with the adoption of the proposed Community directive (amending Directive No 83/477/EEC) prohibiting the production and use of asbestos.

Development of strategies for preservation of ability of employees in heating and sanitarian sector (Germany)
Preservation of ability of the employees by optimising the company organisation and by improving the development potentialities of the ageing staff. Different arrangements, for example:
- assistance for lifting and carrying
- individual career design
- creating teams of heterogeneous ages
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From roof down to bureau (Germany)
Project to allow roofers of higher age to do more work in planning and customer care in the office until pension.
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Knee problems in the floor laying trade (Denmark)
For obvious reasons floor laying has traditionally been done in a kneeling position. This is an unnatural position in which to spend the working day, and even with protective equipment it places a strain on the knees (and on other parts of the body) and frequently leads to injury and long-term problems. But studies have shown that with recently developed tools much of the work could be carried out standing up. So the team in Denmark set out to reduce knee problems by showing how floor layers could cut down the time spent putting undue strain on the knees.
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Occupational safety and health coordinator in building design and construction (Lithuania)
Training course for workers to be able to coordinate health and safety management during construction project and construction process. The course is composed of 7 sittings embracing lectures, practical work at the enterprise and written paper.
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Promotion of health and safety in construction by a partnership process (Denmark)
Coordinating health and safety management during a major construction project based on a partnership between the client and contractors. This is a project on the building site of the new central of Denmarks radio concerning safety and health.
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Protocol for a safe building renovation (Italy)
Renovation of a historic 14th century country house and its buildings in its grounds (lemon-house, cellar, storerooms) in order to create a large, luxury hotel complex and the creation of a business centre for the farm’s production activities. There is generally a high accident rate in building work. This particular project was difficult because of the need to preserve the historic features of the building and renovate to modern standards. The age of the buildings meant that there could be additional and unknown safety and health risks to the building workers present, for example due to weaknesses in the building structure.
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Safety at Roadworks (Poland)
This program was partly initiated because of intensive roadworks on the roads in Malopolska, Poland. The program began in July 2006 with the seminar during which the results of 424 controls of 117 construction sites were presented. Controls were conducted by PIP (The National Labour Inspectorate) in years 2003-04 and 2006 and aimed at estimation of safety and hygiene at roadworks and elimination of recognized hazards.
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‘This building site is safe!’ (Italy)
Project to achieve a reduction in the number of work-related accidents within the construction industry through the dissemination of examples of good practice and the creation of a portal on the Internet for wider access.
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