Hot Topic #1
Noise, sound and listening
| Bild: | We have a collection of projects dealing with noise, sound and listening. Here are some of them, presented in our TOOLBOX and in the GOOD PRACTICE area:

“Crime scene: the ear” (Germany)
Project web site
The DVD „Crime scene: ear“, produced by the Accident Insurance Hesse, wants to show problems caused by noise, to sensitise for ear problems and noise- related dangers for the ear. Teachers and schools can use this DVD and the material (worksheets, concentration tests, quizzes, audio, making of, online tests on the website) for free in some federal states in Germany.

INQA Noise in educational institutions (Germany)
Project web site (German version)
The initiative “New Quality of Work” (INQA)
INQA is a merger of the Federation, the German states, social security partners, social partners, the Bertelsmann Foundation, | Bild:
Bild vergrössern |
the Hans-Böckler-Foundation and different companies. The initiators of INQA view the funding of a new quality of work as a challenge. INQA wants to combine the interests of companies and employees about positive, health- and personality promoting working conditions with the necessity of competitive work places.

Take away the noise (Sweden)
Project web site
An information booklet with concrete ideas on how to lower the noise levels in kindergarten/preschools.

Noise and listening (Germany)
Project web site
A collection of materials, which will be available for all teachers in Berlin and which consists of literature, concepts for lessons, CDs with practice examples, work sheets, videos, excursions, measuring instruments etc.
This example can be found in detail in our GOOD PRACTICE area

Noise traffic light (Germany)
Project web site
| Bild: | The noise traffic light is an objective tool for teachers and childcare professionals which they can use to make noise visible to children and raise their awareness of it. LOUD and QUIET are important phases which should alternate.

Promotion of listening in listening clubs at school (Germany)
Project web site
Listening clubs take place on a regular basis once in a week in schools and kindergarten. Through active hearing and listening exercises pupils are trained in their perception while listening.
This example can be found in detail in our GOOD PRACTICE area

Raising awareness of soft and loud noise (Switzerland)
Project web site
The speech “You are, what you listen to!” or the theatre “Threatened by the noise mafia…” offer an effective noise experience for teenagers aged 15 years and serve as an introduction of the theme noise.
This example can be found in detail in our GOOD PRACTICE area

Turn down the noise pollution! (Denmark)
Project web site
A campaign to make pupils more aware of sounds in their environment. The Website is a nice animated one with tasks, facts and an online game dealing with noise.

| Bild: | Working in the hotel and restaurant business (Austria)
Project web site
Some 100 students of the engineering college htl Donaustadt were acquainted with the basics of occupational safety and health in Austria within the framework of an information event organised by a Viennese labour inspectorate. Website showing film and poster.

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