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Occupational Safety Research Institute (VÚBP, v.v.i.)
The main activity subject of VÚBP, v.v.i is scientific research, verification and application of methods and means in the area of risk prevention relating to health or life impairment of persons, the environment and patrimony, relating to work activities and improving well-being at work and as well as quality of working life.

VÚBP,v.v.i. is also involved in operational research, i.e. monitoring of the current state and trends in OSH, keeping and up-dating on the data and overall statistics related to OSH.

VÚBP, v.v.i. is the analytical and conceptual executive office for OSH.

Further activities of the Institute involve development and maintenance of factual, bibliographical and reporting systems in OSH; standardisation, testing and certification tasks, acting as an office for major accidents prevention; training, education and promotion of OSH, consultation centre and OSH expertise.

In the above-mentioned core areas, the Institute conducts publishing as well as business activities.

Contact person:

Alena Horáčková

| Bild: | +420 221 015 878

| Bild: | +420 723 207 093

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