European Safe Start Summit
ENETOSH and ENSHPO agreed on a common memorandum
Both networks are willing to work closer together especially in the area of education and training, to achieve synergy in fostering the dissemination and exploitation of the outcomes of their projects and to joinly carry out international conferences and events.

The draft memorandum will be discussed during the ENETOSH Advisory Board meeting on 30th April 2007 in Dresden, Germany.

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The European Network of Safety and Health Professional Organisations (ENSHPO) brings together health and safety professional organisations from the current EU member states, applicant countries, and other European countries.

ENSHPO was established in 2001 and acts as a forum where safety and health professionals across Europe can exchange information, experience and good practice on a wide variety of pertinent topics. At present there are 15 organisations members of ENSHPO.

Read more about ENSHPO (PDF file, 76kb)