ENETOSH mentioned in OSHA work programme
Partnership for new EU strategy
One of the main objectives of the Work Programme is to extend network partnership around Europe. Part of these Partnerships is, beside other networks, the European Network Education and Training in Occupational Safety and Health - ENETOSH, with a view to explore how these networks can contribute to support the new EU OSH strategy (see ENETOSH News: "New EU Strategy for Safety and Health - Five year period from 2007 to 2012" [Link will open a new browser window]).
The Agency is participating in a consortium formed within the Commission’s ERANET scheme. The project has received Commission funding for 4 years (starting approximately in April 2006). The role of the Agency will be limited to supporting the consortium’s knowledge management and dissemination through its existing electronic tools and systems, and seeking synergies with its own work programme on new and emerging risks.
Two consortium members will second an expert to work at the Agency on this project (FIOH for the first two years and CIOP for the following two).

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