Call for papers
7th Training & Innovation
Scope of the issue

What are the requirements for successful OSH courses? What are the expectations regarding professional behaviour of teachers and trainers in this area?

Courses dealing with safety and health are not only transferring knowledge, they are aiming at changing attitudes and behaviour regarding safety and health. Are there recommendations for courses and actions which are able to support a safe and healthy environment at home, in schools or at the workplace? How could learners competencies for a safe and healthy behaviour in private and professional life be formulated?

Professional behaviour of teaching staff is characterized to a high degree by complexity, unpredictability and personal responsibility. How can the expectations regarding professional behaviour of teachers and trainers in the field of OSH be defined? How can the quality of the behaviour and its consequences be made transparent for rational scrutiny? How can standards of competency for teachers and trainers in OSH be defined?

Topics of interest

The following topics are of particular interest:
· Standards in education and training – pros and cons
· Recommendations for effective OSH courses
· Evaluation of the outcomes of OSH courses
· Competence profiles of teachers and trainers, preferable in OSH
· Good practice examples for Training the Trainer in OSH

Submission and important dates

According to the tradition of the event Training & Innovation we are looking for a good mixture of theoretical input and practical exercise. Even if the topic is a theoretical one we would like to ensure that the participants of the event are personally involved as much as possible.

Please submit your personal data (name, profession, education, professional experience) and a short description of your topic and how you would like to present it during the event (300 words at a maximum) to:

Abstracts due: March 16, 2007

Feedback to authors: May 18, 2007

Final manuscript: June 15, 2007

Event: July 6 – 7, 2007

There are plans for publication of the best papers either as a book or as a special issue of the ENETOSH newsletter.

The papers will be reviewed by the editorial committee of ENETOSH.