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The Association is a non-governmental, non-profitable organization formed in April 1967 in the City of Skopje by a group of enthusiasts, who believed in human character of the Occupational Safety. Many of them were leading people in those days in former Yugoslavia. In the year 1970 on the initiative of the Association 12 regional Associations constituted the Macedonian Alliance for Occupational Safety. In the year 1983 with decision by the Association, the Yugoslavian Alliance for Occupational Safety was formed.
The main goal of the Association is to establish human and safe approach to the work as a part of the working environment. The psycho-physical integrity of the worker, elevation of the workers rights and implementation and full compliance with the existing ones are only few of the main objectives. Nowadays, this mission is very much obstructed by the recent trend of maximum exploitation of the people for the purpose to make bigger profit.
On its continuing mission over 30 years, the Association has organized Conferences, Public tribunes, and made significant contribution in opening of the Interdisciplinary studies for Occupational Safety on the University of “ Sv. Kiril i Metodij” in Skopje.
More recent activities were focused on the newest Occupational Safety Act in Macedonia and becoming member of the World Safety Organization and related OSH institutions, organizations and networks.
MOSHA is currently implementing two separate projects: “Implementation and enforcement of EU OSH standards in the Garment Industry”, 4 year project, funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and joint project with the Macedonian Trade Union on "Safety Representatives - Safety First". MOSHA has fully operational office with 8 staff member currently employed.

Macedonian Occupational Safety and Health Association
Nevena Goeorgieva – Dunja 13 A
1000 Skopje
Republic of Macedonia

| Bild: | +389 2 2774 868

Contact person:

Milan Petkovski, President of MOSHA,

| Bild: | milan.p@mzzpr.org.mk

Contact person for ENETOSH network:

Natasa Pilatova, Education/Training,

| Bild: | natasa.p@mzzpr.org.mk

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The Health and Safety Laboratory (HSL) is Britain's leading industrial health and safety facility with over 30 years of research experience across all sectors. Operating as an agency of the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), it supports their mission to protect people's health and safety by ensuring risks in the changing workplace are properly controlled.

As well as delivering a comprehensive service to HSE, it is also able to offer a unique portfolio of skills and expertise to other public sector organisations and the private sector.

HSL employs over 350 people including scientists, engineers, psychologists, social scientists, health professionals and technical specialists. Operating from our main laboratory in Buxton, plus a number of field stations, the staff has a long track record of effective operation throughout the UK and beyond. HSL's capabilities encompass a wide range of topics including: fire, explosion and process safety; human factors and risk assessment; occupational and environmental health; safety engineering; work environment; and specialist photographic and technical services. This breadth of expertise underpins it’s particular strength in creating multidisciplinary teams to solve health and safety problems.
    The services of HSL include:
  • Research and development
  • Specialist advice and consultancy
  • Forensic investigation into the causes of accidents
  • Environmental and biological monitoring
  • Assessment of levels of risk and investigation of their control
  • Establishing realistic requirements for standards, and processes for meeting those standards
  • Validation and certification

Being a world class health and safety laboratory is at the heart of HSL's vision. To enhance and promote HSL's reputation and capabilities HSL is continually strengthening it’s links with scientific and technical organisations both nationally and internationally.

Health & Safety Laboratory
Harpur Hill
SK17 9JN
Contact person: Nicola Stacey

| Bild: | +44 1298 21 8327

Fax +44 1298 21 8840

| Bild: | hslinfo@hsl.gov.uk

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The first labour inspectors were appointed in Austria more than 100 years ago in the wake of realising the necessity of stipulating legal provisions for the protection of the working population and having adherence to these provisions supervised by an independent authority.
Nowadays the labour inspection is part of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Labour. 19 regional labour inspectorates and one special inspectorate for construction work are directly responsible to the Central Labour Inspectorate. Each of the federal provinces has at least one labour inspectorate and each labour inspectorate has a medical labour inspection service.

Labour inspection is the biggest legally commissioned organisation for combating deficits in the safety and health at work places in Austria. We act according to uniform principles and are independent from individual interests.
A homogenous implementation practice on federal basis ensures that claims of equal rights and fair competition at work are guaranteed.
By exercising its legal mandate, labour inspection ensures the protection of life and health of the working population. It thus contributes towards
  • preventing accidents and work-related illness
  • enhancing safety at work and health at work
  • the acceptance of occupational safety and health by society.

Labour inspection verifies adherence to the legal provisions for the protection of life and health of the working population.
We fulfil our tasks as a party in permission and exemption procedures.
We inform and advise free of charge, with legally binding effect, in all matters of occupational safety and health at work.
Within the scope of our activities we mediate between conflicting parties in the world of work.
We investigate in the event of accidents at work and in matters concerning complaints about a nuisance or abuse.
We participate in international projects in the field of safety and health at work.
We are involved in lectures, training, and discussions as regards vocational and further training of those responsible for protection at work.
We create awareness for aspects of safety and health at work.

In the course of our activities - from the inspection of plants to participation in information meetings - we co-operate primarily with the following partners:
  • Employees, safety representatives and works councils
  • Enterprises and planning companies
  • Experts and centres for the prevention of occupational accidents and diseases
  • Chambers, trade unions, and professional associations/federations
  • Social security carriers and the public employment service
  • Research, testing, and consultation services
  • Training institutions
  • Traffic-labour inspection, mining authority, agriculture and forestry inspection
  • and other authorities such as, for instance, the competent offices for district administration, construction matters, and security.

Mag. Dr. Alexandra Marx
Arbeitsrecht und Arbeitsinspektion, Abteilung III/3 - Legistik, Rechtsangelegenheiten
Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Arbeit
Federal Ministry of Economics and Labour
1040 Wien, Favoritenstraße 7

| Bild: | +43 1 71100 6432

Fax: +43 1 71100 935432

| Bild: | alexandra.marx@bmwa.gv.at

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