National ENETOSH launch event in Ankara, Turkey
Occupational health and safety centre (ISGÜM)
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The Occupational Health and Safety Centre (ISGÜM) in Ankara is a member of the ENETOSH core network. The national launch event for ENETOSH in Turkey was held by ISGÜM on 15 March 2006 in Ankara with the participation of undersecretaries of Minstry of Labour and Social Security (MOLSS) and Ministry of Education. Related Ministry representatives, social partners, voluntary enterprises and related international representative offices participated in the national ENETOSH launch event.

An advertisement was accomplished highlighting the project's objective to bring together all partners in the scope of education and training in occupational safety and health, in order for their efforts to be pooled effectively.

Furthermore, an announcement was prepared for the press to ensure the project is known by public opinion in order to receive contributions in the following steps of the project.