Shutdown of the National Institute for Working Life (NIWL) in Sweden
Institute will be closed on 1st July, 2007
The Institute has been a world leader in work environment research for many decades. The NIWL has been a pioneer in research that has contributed to the world's growing understanding of the how chemical, physical and psychosocial work stressors affect health and illness. Many of the now widely accepted scientific theories concerning work organization and stress originated in the research work performed by scientists at the NIWL. The insights of NIWL scientists have helped shape the work environment that Sweden has today. The NIWL has helped make this happen, not only through its research efforts, but by fostering ongoing dialog between the social partners in industry, government and labor.

The National Institute for Working Life is a national centre of knowledge for issues concerning working life. The Institute carries out research and development covering the whole field of working life, on commission from The Ministry of Industry, Employment and Communications.

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