3rd International Seminar on Training in Occupational Health and Safety
25 – 27 September 2006, Berlin
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3rd international seminar organised by the ISSA-Section “Education and Training for Prevention” with the collaboration of the German Federal Institute for Occupational Health and Safety (BAuA) aims at exchanging ideas, visions, and practical solutions concerning transition between school and work. During 3-day seminar three main aspects of training will be touched upon and discussed:
  • health education for students in general schools
  • training in occupational health and safety for youth in vocational programs (in institutions or in work/study programs)
  • integration of young workers in working life.

Just as the two previous seminars taking place in Strasburg and Quebec City, IVSS Congress is targeted at representatives of prevention institutions, companies involved in teaching young people about OH & S, and education specialists (teaching and vocational training). The Congress will be conducted in four languages: English, German, French, and Portuguese.

During the seminar ENETOSH will be presented in the framework of lecture “Instruments and Methods to Investigate Examples of ‘Good Practices’” by Ulrike Bollmann from BG Institute Work and Health (BGAG) in Dresden, Germany, together with Luisa Carneiro, Institute for Occupational Health, Safety and Hygiene (ISHST), Portugal, referring to the same topic out of the view of ISSA.

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