Traumatic incidents in an intercultural context
Symposium 31th Aug. - 1st Sept. 2006 at BGAG, Dresden
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Accidents or violence at work, natural disasters and major loss incidents like 9/11 - traumatic incidents have become an issue of major importance. In a globalised world, more and more people from different culture groups are affected.
International ship crews, for example. Sometimes, conflicts appear among these multi-cultural crews, and in most cases, a lack of psycho- social support suitable for the situation occurs after disasters.
Especially this support can help to avoid mental disorders. Accidents in aviation, foreign deployments of the German Army or the German Red Cross, medical treatment of torture victims and migrants from conflict areas or traumatic experiences of German workers in foreign countries show: for the involved people and the helpers, the inter- cultural specific features of traumatic incidents can be a huge additional burden. However, their effects are not yet examined in an appropriate way.

This symposium wants to sensitise for this issue and present options for acting in prevention, diagnostics and therapy. For this purpose, we managed to acquire some experienced practitioners as lecturers and workshop leaders.

Berufsgenossenschaftliches Institut
Arbeit und Gesundheit – BGAG
Königsbrücker Landstraße 2
D-01109 Dresden

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From Dresden Central Station: tram line 7 leading to Weixdorf
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From Highway A4 junction Dresden Flughafen towards city center, to Königsbrücker Landstraße.
From Airport by bus line 77, stop: Klotzsche-Infineon.

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